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More Mac Duggal Dresses Go To Prom 2014

Mariah Vest Wearing Mac Duggal Style 81705N to Prom 2014

We love our Mac Duggal Prom Girls! And this is all about our stylish young women who wore Mac Duggal dresses for an unforgettable Prom 2014.

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Mac Duggal Dresses Go To Prom 2014

Mac Duggal Dresses Go To Prom 2014

Spectacular styles were seen for Prom 2014. Here are some of our favorite prom photos featuring Mac Duggal dresses.

Brilliant Mac Duggal Couture Gowns Featured in Stardust Magazine

Mac Duggal Couture Collection Featured in Stardust Magazine

Two stunning Mac Duggal gowns from the Couture collection were fabulously featured in the latest issue of Stardust Magazine.

Tricia Helfer Wears Mac Duggal in the Latest Issue of Gladys Magazine

Tricia Helfer Wearing Mac Duggal for the Latest Issue of Gladys Magazine

Tricia Helfer is known for her fierce on-screen attitude and diverse acting career. But when featured in the latest issue of Gladys Magazine, she shines in a more softer look.

Dozens of Colors Means One Fake Prom Dress

Mac Duggal shines a spotlight on one of the tricks of websites selling shoddy knockoffs and counterfeit dresses. The fraudulent claim by prom dress counterfeiters that a designer quality prom dress can be had in any color of the rainbow is exposed in this post.

Carolyn Hennesy Hosts the 5th Annual Indie Series Awards Wearing Mac Duggal

Carolyn Hennesy Wearing Mac Duggal to the Indie Series Awards

Carolyn Hennesy, best known for her starring roles on HBO's True Blood, ABC's Cougar Town, and ABC's General Hospital, hosts the 5th Annual Indie Series Awards wearing a sparkling Mac Duggal dress. 

Mac Duggal Premiers Fall 2014 Collection at Atlanta's AmericasMart

Premiere of the Mac Duggal 2014 Fall Collection

Ready to see the latest 2014 Fall Collection already?! These stunning gowns and beautiful designs are impecibly created to fit every girls' needs.

Peyton List Wears Mac Duggal to Twin Brother's Sweet 16 Birthday Celebration

Peyton List Wears Mac Duggal Romper to Twin Brother's, Spencer List, Sweet Sixteen Birthday Celebration

Actress Peyton List wears a sparkling Mac Duggal romper to her twin brother's Nintendo themed Sweet Sixteen Birthday Celebration!

How To Take the Perfect Prom Photo

Take the perfect prom photo in 7 simple steps! Our Mac Duggal girls show you how to find the light and pose in the perfect direction to get that amazing photo.

Dress Your Way to a Better Spring

Mac Duggal Spring Styles of 2014

Spring is all about wearing those lovely pastels and jersey material. Bring out your inner sporty chic or elegant design by dressing your way to a better spring.