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May. 5, 2019

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4 Ways to Choose the Right Jewelry for Prom

You have found the perfect prom dress, and now you need to find the perfect jewelry to go with your dress. Here at Mac Duggal we have the best advice to help you find the best jewelry to compliment your dress. There are 4 things to consider during the jewelry decision making process.

gold v-neck prom dress, gold sequin prom dress, blue fabulouss dress, and black velvet prom dress

1. Your hairstyle at prom: Think about how you want to style your hair at prom. You could do a pony tail, sleek and straight, beach waves, a beautiful bun, half up, a braid, or even beautiful curls. If you need help deciding on your hairstyle- check out this blog post. If your hair is going to be in a bun, pony tail, braid, half up, or any style that pulls your hair away from your face, then you can wear large statement earrings. If your hair is going to be down and straight or curled, then large statement earrings might get lost in your beautiful hair. Then, we would suggest that you wear some simple earrings.

Sequin Black Evening Gown Closeup

Style 1068D

2. The color of your dress:  You have a couple choices when deciding which color jewelry to wear with your dress. You can choose jewelry that is the same color of your dress, a neutral color, or a complimentary color. Let’s say that you have a teal dress. Choosing teal jewelry to wear with your teal dress can create a complete and complementing look. You could also choose simple neutral silver or gold jewelry to go along with your teal dress. If you are going for the neutral look, typically cool colored dresses look best with silver jewelry, and warm colored dresses look best with gold jewelry. If you go with the neutral jewelry, make sure that it isn’t too distracting because it should act as a finishing touch rather than a distracting detail. Your last option is to wear jewelry and shoes that is are complementing color. Complementary colors are colors that are opposite from each other on the color wheel. Teal’s complementary color is fuchsia. This can create a fun alternative to wearing matching or neutral jewelry.

teal prom dress

Style 4817L

3. The embellishment on your dress: Look at the beading on your dress. There are typically two main types of stones on prom dresses- AB and Regular. AB stands for Aurora Borealis. AB stones have a coating on them that allows the stone to pick up other colors in the light. Regular stones just pick up the color of the stone. You could also have pearls or other types of beading on your prom dress. Be sure to know what type of beading is on your dress before you go shopping for earrings. Look to see if the backing of the stones on your dress are gold or silver. If your dress has pink AB stones with gold backing then you could wear earrings or a bracelet with pink AB stones with gold backing. 

77571A DiamondWhite prom dress close up view

Style 77571A

4. The neckline of your dress: The type of neckline your dress has can help you decide what kind of jewelry you should wear. If you have a dress with a v-neckline you could wear a trendy drop y-necklace. If you have a high neckline you can skip the necklace and try some simple studs or hoops. Think about the emphasis point of your dress. The emphasis point is the very first place you look when you see the dress. If the emphasis point is around your neck or face, then keep the jewelry around your face simple. If the the emphasis point is somewhere else on the gown, then go with earrings that are big and fabulous.

77269D- Black Beaded Ballgown with Cap Sleeves and Open Back- Closeup

Style 77269D

Don’t wait until the last minute to decide which accessories you are going to pair with your prom dress. Prom is one of the most fun nights of the year. We want you to have fun getting ready to go to the big dance and not stressed about which jewelry looks best. Try out different styles of jewelry, shoes, and purses. Most importantly, make sure that you feel comfortable and beautiful.

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