Purple Prom Dresses

Want to make a royal impression at Prom? Then wear a purple dress. Purple has been the color of royalty since Roman times. Purple dyes during ancient times were literally so expensive that they were worth their weight in gold. Thus, only the very wealthy could afford to wear purple. A purple cloak became so closely associated as the symbol of the Roman emperor that when crowned it was referred to as assuming the purple. During Medieval times, purple was exclusively reserved for royals. Even if a commoner could afford a purple garment, donning purple clothing would subject the wearer to penalties and fines.

Purple clothing only became widely available after 1856 when the first synthetic dye was created. William H. Perkin was searching for a cure for malaria and serendipitously discovered a purple dye that could be produced for a reasonable cost. Once this purple dye hit the market, 19th century fashionistas made the English chemist a wealthy man as purple became a trendy color.

As shown in the above images, Mac Duggal has designed a dazzling collection of purple prom dresses, including evening gowns, cocktail dresses, and ball gowns, These dresses feature exquisite embellishments, from dazzling beading to glamorous sequins and rhinestones. If you're considering a regal purple dress for prom, wearing Mac Duggal will give you the look and confidence of a princess.