Red Prom Dresses

Be the center of attention at Prom with a striking red dress. Think of the emotions associated with the color red. These will describe how you look and feel when you wear an attention grabbing red prom dress: sizzling, dangerous, creative, vibrant, romantic and sexy. And consider how the TV show The Good Wife uses red to telegraph lead character Alicia Florrick's growing self-assurance. As pointed out by in a post by Allison Daniels, actress Julianna Margulies character transformed from wounded, meek politician’s wife to powerhouse attorney. The character’s emotional journey is reinforced through her wardrobe. The diminutive blues and grays of season one have given way to various shades of red. Some even consider a red dress to be the ultimate kryptonite against any males's will.

As shown above, our collections include short and long dresses featuring vibrant shades of red, dazzling embellishments, and styling that flatters your body shape.