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Aug. 10, 2017

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A Model Story

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Fueled by passion and family support, Nixa grad pursues a career in modeling


Blessed with beauty and talent, 2017 high school graduate Channa Robinson has achieved success by landing a contract with the famous international fashion designer Mac Duggal.


“I didn’t really think I would be working with him, but I did,” Channa said.


Duggal is a gown designer from India. His designs are “positioned at the high end of the women’s special occasion dress market,” and worn by famous celebrities, according to Duggal’s website.


It might be luck that Channa landed the contract, but it might be her beauty and talent that caught the designer’s eye.


“Channa has been totally driven and committed to everything that she does,” her mom, Patti Robinson, said.


Channa could never forget the moment she received a message from Duggal’s agent announcing Channa as one of the finalists in his “This is why I’m fabulous” contest and soon to be his contract model.


“I saw a message pop up on my phone,” Channa said. “I knew something was going on.”


Channa’s mother first saw the designer’s post on social media. “This is why I’m fabulous” was looking for women who inspire others to represent Mac Duggal. According to the designer’s blog, this was the first time he launched the campaign.


“My mom showed me (the post) and I was like ‘OK, why not,’” Channa said. “I submitted a photo to them and a few days later, I heard back that they wanted me to go up to New York and interview with them.”


Along with other finalists, Channa went to New York City to meet Duggal and was amazed by his personality and work ethic.


“He is the most sincere and genuine person I’ve ever met. He does really care about every single person that walks through his door and even the girls who buy his dresses. He is so thankful and grateful for his customers,” Channa said.

Channa Robinson

Channa Robinson


Being the face of Mac Duggal, Channa will frequently travel to big cities such as New York, Atlanta and Chicago to attend fashion events and participate in photoshoots and beauty classes. Her schedule is now full with fashion events. In June, she went to Chicago to walk for Duggal’s fashion show. In August, she will attend another fashion week in Atlanta.


Modeling for a famous brand and all the privileges that come with it might seem like a dream to girls her age, but Channa’s achievement requires hard work and investment. She has a pageant coach who helps her navigate through the industry.


“He really focuses hard on interviews because she always uses those for the rest of her life,” Patti said. “That has been a huge plus to get her to where she is now.”


The motivation from family members fuels Channa’s passion as well. Although it took a while for Channa to convince her father that she could compete in pageants, model and be successful.


“When she first started out in pageants, it was me and her brother (who supported). Her dad did not like it, he thought that it was expensive, a waste of time. But over the years now, he is the one that took her to Chicago, to New York City,” Patti said. “At this point, he is very supportive for getting her where she needs to be.”


Being confident and natural in front of a camera, Channa knows her strength well. Since she was 8, she has competed in various beauty contests, such as Miss Missouri Junior, for junior- and high-school girls, and Princess of America, for girls proud of their confidence and accomplishments.


“In competing pageants, you do a lot of modeling whether you have to do like a photoshoot for the photogenic category or just on-stage modeling, and that has always been my favorite thing to do,” she said.


She has also modeled for photographers building up portfolios.


“Her photographer just loves working with her. He said she works for the camera, the camera doesn’t have to work for her,” Patti said.


Channa said she understands the modeling industry is known for stiff competition, but she never feels threatened because she has equipped herself with experience, knowledge and passion.


“I like what I do, and I have been the type of person if there is something negative around me, I kind of brush it off like it doesn’t really bother me,” she said. “But it’s kind of nerve-wracking just because there are beautiful girls everywhere you go, and it’s weird that you’re one of those.”