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Oct. 29, 2016

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Carrie Underwood looked fabulous in a dress from the Ieena for Mac Duggal collection in an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show! Video clips from Carrie’s segment on the show have received a massive number of views.
Carrie Undewood wears Ieena dress on Ellen
Within 24 hours, video clips from the segment received over 700,000 views.

While on the show, Carrie:

-sang the TV debut of her new song “Dirty Laundy” (61,000 views)


-was pranked/scared by Ellen who had a man dressed up as Underwood’s hockey-playing husband Mike Fisher jump out of a fake table (362,000 views)


-was pranked by Seth Rogen into doing the “chicken dance” (313,000 views).


Shown below are the three clips that are garnering all these video views of Carrie Undwood looking fabulous while wearing an Ieena for Mac Duggal dress:
The TV debut of “Dirty Laundry” demonstrates that no one delivers a cheatin’ song better than Carrie Underwood.

During Ellen’s interview with the country star, a man dressed as a hockey player abruptly popped out of a fake table next to Carrie, drawing a huge scream out of her during Friday’s episode.


Seth Rogen, with an assist from Ellen, tricked Carrie Underwood Into doing the Chicken Dance. When Ellen introduced Seth Rogen to a new game titled “you must say”, Rogen decided he wanted to find out if DeGeneres could get Carrie to do the chicken dance.


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