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May. 17, 2017

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How To Choose The Perfect Accessories For Your Face Shape

Guest Author Shannon Lochwood


If like me, you’ve asked a hairstylist for a certain cut only to find that it look awful against your face shape, then you know the struggle that is this reality: “not every style is universal!” The shape of your face affects how a haircut flatters and it even influences what accessories look best on you.


Unfortunately, many women tend to gravitate toward the latest fad—without considering if that style suits them. Chandelier earrings don’t look great on everyone. Neither do large collar necklaces. But don’t fret, ladies. There are accessory styles to flatter every face shape!


First, however, you need to figure out what shape your face best resembles. Are you a heart, oval, round, oblong, diamond, square or triangle? If you’re not sure what shape is yours, PopSugar offers a fantastic way to find your shape.

When you’ve discovered the shape that best matches your face, you’ve mastered the hardest part. Now it’s time to find your perfect accessories! Here’s your guide for finding the best accessories for your face shape:



accessories for a heart shaped face

Reese Witherspoon is the classic heart-shaped face. Look to Reese for style inspiration with accessories. Delicate dangly earrings will flatter and add length to the face. Stud earrings are universally flattering. Aviator sunglasses also are the ideal choice for heart-shaped faces (and Reese rocks them often!).



accessories for an oval shaped face

If you’ve determined your face is a perfect oval…you have something in common with Queen Bey, according to Cosmopolitan UK. Oval faces look great in almost everything (lucky!). Think of a style that Beyonce cannot rock…you can’t, can you? Go big with the earrings, go small. You’re part of the Bey-hive and you can really do no wrong.



accessories for a round face

Charlize Theron is the round-face poster girl! Big accessories can overwhelm a round face. Stay away from massive hoops or huge chandelier earrings. Yes, you can wear hoops and chandeliers, just keep them smaller. Stud earrings will appear dainty and also flattering…for geometric interest, choose square-cut princess shapes for diamonds. For sunglasses, avoid large round lenses and frames. Opt for a style that doesn’t compete with the width of a circular face. Choose squares or oval shaped frames…and don’t go too large.



accessories for an oblong shape face

Carrie Bradshaw herself—Sarah Jessica Parker—has the classic oblong face. SJP usually keeps her hair long, which also balances out her face shape. However, SJP loves a big bold necklace and a squared off pair of sunglasses. She keeps her earrings diminutive at times, but she also like a longer earring on the red carpet. Her face also looks fierce in a pair of round mod sunglasses. But, really, like Beyonce, SJP can do no wrong…and her face shape proves it!



accessories for a diamond shaped face

Neither triangle nor heart, your face is highlighted by your cheekbones! Per Bustle, your style icon is fellow diamond beauty Posh Spice herself…Victoria Beckham. Posh rocks large square-off sunglasses, but keeps other accessories low key. If she wears statement earrings, she opts for no other accessories near her face.  When she wears layers of necklaces, you won’t find large earrings hanging from her lobes. Balance is the goal…and Victoria Beckham knows this.



accessories for a square shaped face

Sandra Bullock has a rectangular or square face. On the red carpet, she traditionally keeps accessories smaller. She wears dangly earrings but they are never large or overpowering. She often wears smaller hoops and delicate studs. Her sunglasses are often round or oval…and the aviator style really accentuates her face.


Triangle (aka Pear):

accessories for a pear shaped face

According to PopSugar, Kelly Osbourne bears this classic face shape. Miss Kelly has rocked long and short hair and some incredible accessories. Your best bets? Earrings and necklaces that don’t overwhelm the face. You can choose dangly earrings, but keep them thinner. Avoid anything too clunky and heavy. Although, if you choose chunky necklaces, opt for longer necklaces with big pendants. Stay away from massive hoop earrings.


Flatter your unique beauty with the right accessories. Not every style looks great on every face shape. To rock your ideal style, choose accessories that accentuate the beauty of you! Find your celebrity style muse for looks that are sure to be red-carpet approved!


As a health enthusiast and freelance writer living in Los Alamitos, California, Shannon Lochwood enjoys writing about weddings, health and fashion. She has a true passion for writing and loves to encourage others to improve their health with fun being the #1 priority!