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Jun. 19, 2018

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Every outfit needs that extra pop of glam with something I like to call a girls best friend… Accessories! No outfit is complete without a nice pair of earrings or necklace. However, often times it is difficult to know what accessories will work best for your outfit. Follow these tips and tricks and you will become a fashion icon.


A major factor in deciding what kind of jewelry or accessory you should wear with your outfit will depend on the neckline of the outfit.




My favorite accessory to wear with a high neckline top is a statement necklace. When wearing a sleek outfit that incorporates a high neckline, a statement necklace catches everyone’s eyes and then draws them to look at the rest of your outfit.  However, another great possibility for a high neckline would be to keep it sleek and instead choose to wear dangle earrings.

neckless as an accessory
selecting the right earrings




Depending on how deep of a v-neck you are wearing the best choice of accessory may change.

For a V-neck T-shirt the options are pretty open. You could wear just a necklace or just earrings or you could wear both. As far as what type of earrings or necklaces to wear follow the combinations below.


          Only Earrings – Opt for a statement dangle earring.


          Only Necklace – Wear what you think fits your personality.

                                        This could be a choker, a long necklace,

                                        or a bulky necklace.


          Both – Opt for a bigger necklace and then wear simple

                       earrings such as a classic pair of diamond studs

                       or a small pair of dangle earrings.

layered necklacesFor a Deep-V neckline the best option is to wear a layered necklace. I specifically like layered necklaces because they appear small and delicate but add a sultry appearance as the necklace lays on the chest. Not only are layered necklaces great for Deep-V necks, but they’re great for any slightly plunging neckline.

necklace for v-neck dress



Flaunt your shoulders in that to die for strapless top you just bought, but don’t forget to add some eye candy to finish the look. The best piece to add to your strapless top is a choker. It is the perfect accessory for a strapless top. It is simple so it doesn’t draw too much attention away from your amazing neckline, but it also adds to the outfit to make it look complete.

choker worn with strapless top



Halter necks come in a variety of styles so it is hard to pin point what accessory would work for the majority of halter neck styles. Although, an option that will never fail to impress is adding a bracelet or two to take the look to the next level with a simple pair of stud earrings.

However, if you are looking for a necklace a simple style that looks great on most halter necks is a slim pendant. Simple, yet elegant.


For more examples on which necklaces you should wear with which neckline see the chart below!


necklace type for every neckline guide infographic

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