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Jan. 30, 2019

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How to Take an Amazing Prom Photo

Prom is one of the most important and unforgettable days of a high school. Girls spend months finding the perfect dress, shoes, hair styles, makeup, and jewelry, and they want nothing but to feel exceptionally beautiful on their special day. Every girl wants to capture this night for the rest of her life so they can reminisce on their fun prom night. Whether you have a fancy camera or just your iPhone, it is crucial to use your tools and resources to get the perfect pictures. Not only will you and your family look back on these photos, but everyone will be tagging your in these pictures on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook before you know it! Now, lets go over these easy tips on getting that picture perfect prom photo.


1. Location


First things first- location. Choosing the right location is a crucial decision because your background can make or break the pictures! The location needs to be accessible while also being aesthetically pleasing. Plan for both a “dry” and “wet” location to reduce your stress levels if there is rain on your prom day. Rain is common, especially in the months of April and May.  Although we hope for the best weather, you should find a few places around your hometown or neighborhood that hold a special place in your heart. Places including a park, arboretum, nature preserve, your school, or even a friends house can be the ultimate photoshoot location.

Tip: make sure the background is cleaned up. You don’t want any trash, poor landscape, or even photobombing friends getting in the way of your endless pictures.

Emily Skinner in the gorgeous style 66346D!

2. Lighting


Perfect lighting is a must! Too much light can cause your eyes to squint or your makeup to look too shiny. Not enough light will hide your beautiful makeup, not show the full details of your dress, and can cause your photos to look dull. Choose somewhere that has great lighting, both natural and artificial. Determine the direction of the light so you can position yourself accordingly. If you are outside, find a nicely shaded area. If you are inside, find a place that has good window light. If you are using artificial light, make sure that it is not too yellow or too blue because that could alter the look of your photos. If you have a photographer taking your photos, then they will know all of these details, but if your mom, dad, or a friend is taking your photos, it is critical that they know how to use your phone or your camera properly in different lightings.

Tip: get a variety of photos in different lighting. Rather than being disappointed, you can always go back and choose your favorites and delete any unwanted pictures.


3. The “Pose”


Got a favorite angle or side? Everyone does, but try different sides and an array poses to ensure that every photo looks unique. You would be surprised with how great a picture could turn out even if you felt awkward or were on your “bad side.” Whether you want to pose by yourself for a selfie or with a group of your girl friends, there are so many photogenic poses to strike! Leave the “awkward” traditional prom pose behind. Instead, sit side-by-side, hold hands, or link arms with your date. These pictures will not only be adorable but more flattering. A photo of you and your date dancing together could make a cute photo because it will capture the movement of your dress and hair. When you are posing, slightly move between each photo. Whether it is a tilt of the head or the way your arm is hanging, if you make slight movements between each photo then you will have more options.


There are also many ways to spice up your pictures that are both affordable and easy. Consider using props for prom! Whether its a sign, a couch, a tree swing, or just balloons, these props make the pictures fun and lively. Practice your favorites look and as always, don’t forget to smile! If you want to take a cute “laughing” photo with your friends, actually try to audibly laugh out loud. You will sound ridiculous but then you and your friends will really begin to laugh.

Tip: Keep it simple, take candids, and have fun with it. Pull as many poses as you like…you wont regret having too many pictures in your ravishing Mac Duggal gown.
Pro Tip: Tilt you head to the side, but just a pinch. It’ll make you look less stiff, more elongated, and flatter your figure.

Lauren Perla strikes an enchanting pose in style 62989D with her handsome date!

4. Do a Double Check


Before your mom starts aggressively taking hundreds of pictures of you, it is time for a double check. Look over your teeth, hair, makeup, and dress. You want to make sure is no food or smeared lipstick on your teeth. Make sure you don’t have any crazy hairs flying away to ruin your pictures. If you don’t have a mirror available, always rely on friends or family to help freshen up.

Tip: Have a double-check buddy. Have your besties’ back by having her check you and you check her.

Style 25572I

5. Balance Time Between Friends and Date

Okay, so you’re going to be taking a lot of pictures on prom night. There’s honestly no escaping it. Learn how to balance your time between your date and your friends but also make sure you enjoy YOUR night. Take pictures alone with your date, with each of your friends, with groups of friends, and a big group pictures. Group poses are fun and you will never regret having all your friends in one picture.

Tip: Have someone capture a picture with your family too! You’ll love looking back with them at these memories.

Emmy Grace wearing the stunning style 66442A with date!

6. Take Your Time


A rushed photo session never turns out how you want it. Take a breathe, don’t get flustered, and make sure you leave yourself enough time to get all the pictures you want without being stressed. Time management is important and a schedule might help you understand where you need to be and when. Consider how long it is going to take you to get ready, how long the drive to your photo location is, how long it will take you and your date to eat dinner together, and the scheduled time you are supposed to arrive at the dance. Also leave room for error in case one of those events takes a little longer than expected.

Tip: Make sure everyone knows the schedule as well. If you have that friends who is always running late, make sure to expect all those bumps along the way.

Jolie Pickren in this gorgeous dress from @michellesformalwear!

7. Relax


No matter how important the day is, always make sure to relax and have fun. Before you know it, the night will be over and you want to remember the good memories and not being stressed over small inconveniences. The night is truly what you make of it, so make it the best. It is such a special day for you and all of your friends before you leave for college. It is an unforgettable memory so relax and dance the night away!

Toni Ann Andrea wearing style 77677F!

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