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Sep. 6, 2014

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Mac Duggal sponsored a BMW Car Giveaway to commemorate his 30th anniversary as a fashion designer. This giveaway awarded a new BMW to Mac Duggal retailer Elizabeth Rodgers of The Perfect Dress in Trenton MI. The sweepstakes drawing was held at Mac Duggal’s Fashion Gala for the 2015 Spring Collection.

At the 3 day event featuring fashion shows and giveaways, Mac Duggal welcomed hundreds of retailers from thirteen countries. From Brazil to India, the Mac Duggal guests celebrated the introduction of the upcoming Spring 2015 Collection. Beautiful prom gowns, elegant couture dresses, and sparkling evening wear were paraded across the runway to the applause of the exhilarated guests.


As the third and final night came to a close, one lucky retailer was chosen as the winner of a brand new BMW. It was also announced that a Mercedes-Benz would be given away to a Mac Duggal retailer at next year’s Gala.

According to Mac Duggal, “I am blessed to have so many wonderful customers. I would have been happy for any store that attended our Spring Gala to have driven home in their new BMW. That being said, two of the sweetest, most loyal, intelligent businesswomen were the lucky winners and I am thrilled for them”.
The winner of the BMW, Elizabeth Rodgers, had a premonition that she might be holding the lucky ticket. After receiving what turned out to be the winning ticket a year ago, she kept the stub in her wallet attached to her license. Everyday over the course of the past year, Elizabeth opened her wallet and told herself “that’s my car”.