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Jun. 24, 2013

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Mac Duggal dresses go to prom

It’s a terrible habit that so many women have.

You skim the pages of fashion magazines, watch red carpet coverage, and absorb the celebrities of Hollywood and beyond with one thought in mind:

“I’ll never look like that.”

Do words like “couture” and “ball gown,” “bias-cut” and “sequined overlay” sound like they would never apply to the clothing you own, though you love to browse the styles? Is glamorous styling for women OTHER than you?

Well, stop that train of thought right this instant, because Mac Duggal knows, it’s NONSENSE!

The advantage of the gorgeous prom collections of Mac Duggal is that they are designed with one audience in mind: The Fascinating Female.

Whether looking for something for prom or homecoming, a black tie gala, a walk down the red carpet, a Sweet 16 party, or any formal event you can imagine, the designs of Mac Duggal’s numerous collections span all style points, from full length gowns to sassy cocktail dresses, and encompass the beauty of all women.

The proof comes not from just our say so, but from the women who proudly wear these designs. Mac Duggal stepped into the limelight across the nation this spring and dominated the dance floor, as young ladies from big cities and small towns alike chose Mac Duggal to help them make a statement at prom.

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Check out even more photos of Mac Duggal at Prom on our official Pinterest page!

Mac Duggal designs are exclusive styling for an inclusive audience. It’s not about being model thin or an A-list celebrity. It’s about beautiful dresses for beautiful women.

Find your Mac Duggal look in one of our exquisite Mac Duggal Prom Collections.

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