Many Voices, One Nation Mac DuggalClick for Mac Duggal Smithsonian Induction Video

The exhibit Many Voices, One Nation opened at the Smithsonian national museum of American History in Washington, DC in June, 2017. The exhibit guides visitors through personal stories that make up the United States collective past and show a recurring belief in the future.

Mac Duggal is one of the more recent arrivals to this country (1983) selected by The Smithsonian to share their personal stories and inspire visitors to think about the country’s history of diverse and evolving cultures in new ways. His experience in meeting challenges, taking risks, and entrepreneurial success in his adopted homeland led to his journey being included in the new exhibit.


National Museum of American History


Read the Smithsonian’s interview with Mac in which he describes the fascinating journey from his childhood in India to becoming a fashion icon in the United States.