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Trade Shows Schedule - Mac Duggal 2015 Collections

Mac Duggal Trade Show Schedule

Preview the Mac Duggal  2015 collections of prom gowns, couture dresses and evening wear at these markets.

Say It With Color - Homecoming Dress Edition

A guide for selecting the best color for your homecoming dress and how you express your personality through your choice.

Mac Duggal Announces BMW Car Giveaway Winner

Mac Duggal sponsored a 30th anniversary BMW Car Giveaway. The new BMW was won by Mac Duggal retailer Elizabeth Rodgers

Alibaba's Dirty Little Secret - Profiting from Counterfeiters

Alibaba websites may include over 1,000,000 webpages filled with copyright infringing webpages selling counterfeit designer goods

Pick the Perfect Homecoming Dress Color - A Guide

2014 Homecoming Dress Guide

It's time to start the hunt for the perfect homecoming dress. But how do you know what color to choose? Let Mac Duggal help you out.

Hottest Trend In 2014 Prom Dresses: Black is the New Black

The interest in black prom dresses doubled in 2014 and was almost equivilent to that for red prom dresses. Check out this post explaining why we love black prom dressses.

Dozens of Colors Means One Fake Prom Dress

Mac Duggal shines a spotlight on one of the tricks of websites selling shoddy knockoffs and counterfeit dresses. The fraudulent claim by prom dress counterfeiters that a designer quality prom dress can be had in any color of the rainbow is exposed in this post.

Counterfeit Prom Dress Gave Me A Rash

We knew that counterfeiters are shipping shoddily made, poorly fitting, unflattering dresses. But we had no idea that trying one on would be so hazardous. 

Mac Duggal Launches Brazilian Portuguese Version of Website

New version of the Mac Duggal website speaks to Portuguese special occasion dress buyers in the official language of Brazil.

Counterfeit Prom Dress Nightmares

Prom dress retailers frequently have upset teenagers walk into their stores with tales of woe about their miserable experiences with prom dress counterfeiters. Here is are reports on prom dress nightmares from retailers.