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Sep. 20, 2018

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Timeless Mac Duggal

It’s something every woman strives for in fashion — that perfect look.


Whether getting ready for work, primping for a date, dressing down for a casual weekend, or getting gussied up for a formal event, women turn to the pages of fashion blogs and magazines to make sure their look is on the mark.


As the years go by, some of those looks that you faithfully donned over the years can make you cringe. But when glancing in the rearview mirror at the history of modern fashion, the reality is, you are looking at two very different things: The trends of the day, and the classic styles of the fashion narrative.


Fashion trends, as the name suggests, are things that come and go. From poodle skirts and bell bottom pants, to tight-rolled jeans and the mullet, what’s “in” right at the moment is essentially a fad.


Trends and fads are fluent. They move with the times. Some last longer than others, and some, thankfully, disappear in time (like that mullet, what were we thinking?).


Trends, though, are also essential in the world of fashion.


Trends carve out who we are, what we are, WHERE we are in the world at that moment. While we may have been happy to see the mullet trend end, just SEEING an old school photo of a loved one with that styled coif elicits incredible memories.


Classic style, on the other hand, is enduring.


The Little Black Dress, a string of pearls, a crisp white button-down, a trench coat. All things that pass through the pages of fashion history unscathed. Each item may be touched upon by the prevailing trends of the time — an embellishment here, an accessory there. But the style itself remains timeless, classic, elegant, and pure.


For more than two decades, Mac Duggal has created gorgeous gowns and dresses that weave together the elements of the latest trends and everlasting style.


In 1990, even while the mullet trend continued its reign over the American hairstyle, Mac Duggal’s fashion forward thinking was all about keeping unfading fashion styles as a top priority.

Mac Duggal ~ 1990

gold 1990

The sleek look of this sexy and shimmering gold sequined sheath gown are as appropriate today as they were then. Like many Mac Duggal gowns, this one not only stands the test of time, it’s a testament to Mac Duggal’s vision of prevailing fashion that never goes out of style. Mac Duggal gowns are ageless, and perfect for every woman.

Mac Duggal ~ 2018

67662D Gold formal Dress

The proof lies in the sexy, sophisticated, classic designs of the Mac Duggal Fall 2018 collection, including style 12089R and style 50187R from the Black White Red Collection and style 67662D from the Couture Collection.


So embrace the trends. But remember the style. The Mac Duggal style remains consistently elegant, for the past, present and future.

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Aug. 13, 2018

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It’s time to think about hitting the stores and start the search for the perfect gown for the fall ball.


Homecoming is coming!

4758N Burgundy short dress

And all you need to make it perfect is that special dress. You delve into the Mac Duggal 2018 homecoming dresses in the Cocktail and iEENA collections, your eyes soaking up the gorgeous gowns and all their exquisite detailing, your heartbeat picks up at the thought of slipping into one of these festive, fabulous frocks.


But you’re stuck on one little detail. What color should I wear?


If you have ever Googled one of those “how to find your perfect color” guides, you know the very next step after clicking on one of the hundreds of thousands of links is to then hit up Google for the definitions of half the words you just read. Winter, summer, autumn tones, oranges, blues, cool, warm, pink, natural, muted, glowing, deep… figuring out what your precise skin coloring is just to find what shade will look best on you can be exhausting. Some “helpful” sites are even packed with flowcharts similar to this:


The truth is, unless you naturally “get” what it means to go through all those color analysis charts, you probably need professional help if you want to use them to find your perfect color. Because even following the instructions to a tee can make you go mad. And no one wants to see that.


But there are simpler ways to get to the root of your best color when it comes to choosing your homecoming dress. One is to determine the undertone of your skin. The other, simply look to guides for what colors look good with your locks.


Hair Color


Generally speaking, the color of your hair can be a good determination for the color that looks great on you. While there are certainly more considerations, and darker or lighter skin tones may affect the outcome, as a guide, it’s a good place to start.


Blonde – If you go the way of Reese Witherspoon and Marilyn Monroe, you might want to try bold colors, such as red, orange, coral, emerald and peacock, as well as neutral tones like nude, tan or taupe.

67646N Red short dress

Redhead – The skin tone of a lady with fiery locks can vary wildly, and the lighter the tone, the more washed out you’ll look in light colors. But in general, a redhead can shine in mocha, sapphire, emerald, and ivory.

prom dress homecoming emerald

Brunette – They say blondes have more fun, but brunettes seem to have more variety. Whether your locks are a warm chestnut or a sultry raven, saturated colors are yours for the taking! Dark hair pairs well with several colors, including varying shades of pink, blue, brown, green, and orange.


Of course, not every color pairs specifically with any hair color, and there are varying levels of intensity in both hair color and dress color. But as a simple guide, these tips will come in quite handy!

2071N Royal blueshort dress

Skin Undertone


You can figure out your undertone by squeezing the tip of your finger. See how the color changes slightly? THAT is the undertone!


If the undertone appears blue, pink, reddish-purple or rosy, then cool colors are likely for you. If what you see is peachy, gold, coral or a brighter red, then warm colors will probably be the most flattering against your skin.


Warm and cool are exactly like they sound – warm colors produce the illusion of the feel of warmth. Cool colors look like a cooling breeze feels.

red prom or homecoming dress prom dress homecoming yellow
Yellow and red are warm colors.

prom dress homecoming green blue prom or homecoming dress
Blue and green are cool colors.


Classic Glamour
Colors giving you grief? Why not try the most classic look of all?

A stunning Mac Duggal little black dress can look beautiful on anyone, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to length, embellishments, and cut. These sassy dresses are glammed up for the occasion with stunning colorful beaded embellishments.

Black Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of perception. Bring your friends with you. Ask them questions. Tell them to BE HONEST. Holding up dress after dress is a tough sell when it’s just you and the mirror. But through the eyes of another person, you are getting a much better picture of what really looks great on you.


And in the end, remember, it’s YOUR dress. If you love it, then LOVE it. We’re sure you’ll look fantastic. Start your search for your homecoming dress here.

Aug. 2, 2018

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2018 Fabulous Model Search Winner is Emma Loney

Fabulous model search winner


Emma Loney (@missemmasuzanne) has been selected as the 2018 This Is Why I’m Fabulouss Model Search winner.  She was selected following a nationwide search to discover this year’s Face of Fabulouss.


Emma will receive a modeling contract with the Company and an opportunity to walk the runway during Mac Duggal Fashion Week and at World of Prom in Atlanta.  Her formal crowning will take place at a ceremony during World of Prom.


In addition to being the Face of the Fabulouss Collection, Emma will serve as a role model for body positivity. The message she plans to promote to all girls is “they should embrace and love themselves for who they are, and not feel  a need to change in order to win acceptance”.  She also stated that “its been my dream to represent girls that are not the ideal version of what beauty has been made out to be in our culture and to help redefine the standards of true beauty”.


Stay tuned for Emma’s crowning in Atlanta by turning on @macduggal instagram notifcations to stay up to date on Emma journey as Miss Fabulouss 2018 and all things Mac Duggal!


Learn more about Emma’s journey on her way to becoming the Face of Fabulouss. Check out these video’s recapping the This Is Why I’m Fabulous model search.



Jul. 19, 2018


How common is it for girls to get ripped off by fraudulent online prom dress stores? Walk into any prom dress retailer and ask them about this subject, and they will indicate it has become very commonplace. It’s a frequent occurrence for girls to come into their stores with tales of woe after having been cheated by a fraudulent online retailer.


If the price of a prom dress offered online seems to good to be true, it probably is to good to be true. There are a variety of bad things that can occur when dealing with a fraudulent web site.


1)  The order never gets shipped.
2)  The color of the dress is vastly different than the image displayed online
3)  The dress is made from cheap fabric with poor quality workmanship
4)  The fit is terrible
5)  The embellishments are terribly inferior versus what is shown in the online image
6) There are months of delays in receipt of the dress and customer service is non-existent


Be aware that the search engines are filled with the sites of fraudulent online stores. The search engines are enablers of the these prom dress counterfeiters. The paid results at the top of the results pages are infested with links to fraudulent stores that have stolen images from the top designers such as Mac Duggal. These stores are buying their way to the top of the search engines. In many cases, they can afford to pay a lot to get to the top of the search engines because they are saving money by using cheap, inferior materials and sloppy workmanship.


The results obtained when searching online for prom dresses is a jumbled result of legitimate and fraudulent sites. Most of the larger prom dress retailers have websites and there a numerous online stores that are extremely reputable. So how can you segment the legitimate stores from the fraudulent ones?


Tips For Finding Legitimate Prom Dress Retailers


1) Go to the sites of the top designers and use their “Where to Buy” function to find authorized retailers. The Mac Duggal authorized retailer’s can be identified by going to Find Retailer. (a link to “Find Retailer” is in the navigation bar at the top of the webpage).
2) Search for “store name reviews”. Be aware this method is far from foolproof. Many of the reviews are paid for and not trustworthy. It requires a lot of digging to find reviews that you can trust.
3) Look up the store’s Page on Facebook. Check on how many likes the store has. Check on whether the store’s posts are getting shared, as this is a good indication that they have an engaged customer base. Click on the “show share” button. See if the distribution of names seems to be typical. Read the comments to determine if they seem to be coming from legitimate fans, or if the online store is buying them. Be aware that this is not a foolproof method of sussing out legitimate stores, as the fraudulent stores sometimes buy likes and pay for positive comments.


Recommended Prom Dress Stores in Selected Cities

Atlanta Prom Dress Stores
Birmingham AL Prom Dress Stores
Chicago Prom Dress Stores
Nashville Prom Dress Stores


While the title of the video provided below is about wedding dresses, it is directly relevant to prom dresses. The story would be almost identical if they had substituted “prom dress” for “wedding dress”.


Jun. 27, 2018


The school year may have just started, but it is never too early to begin looking for your perfect homecoming dress.


Finding the perfect dress takes a lot of consideration.


          Fitted? Not fitted?

          Sparkles? No sparkles?

          Straps? No straps?


Not to worry, Mac Duggal has a variety of all styles of homecoming dresses.

Below are just a few styles that Mac Duggal has to offer.

40856N Denim Floral short dressSleeveless short dress

Style 40856N (on the left) has a beautiful embroidered floral pattern that takes denim to the next level. Combine comfort and style in this halter neck romper and stun the crowd at your Homecoming dance.


Style 25247i (on the right) has a open back bodice and fit and flare silhouette that will catch your movement on the dance floor and make for great photographs on your special night. Meanwhile, the deep v-neck party dress with a pyramid studded waistband will sparkle through the night, catching everyone’s eye. Available in classic colors Royal or Black.

25982i Shimmering Ice iEENA dress4763N Silver Nude short dress

Style 25982i (on the left) is out of this world beautiful. Take the spotlight in this metallic, sleeveless spaghetti strap, fit and flare cocktail dress showcasing pockets and a scoop neckline. You will exude confidence in this iridescent dress.


Style 4763N (on the right) is elegant, yet sexy. This long sleeve cocktail dress provides modest coverage while still having a form fitting silhouette that will flatter every curve. Not to mention the sequin and bead embellishments add to the wow factor of the dress.

67642N Burgundy short dressV-neck, fit and flare cocktail dress

Style 67642N (on the left) is the perfect match to your energy level on the dance floor. It is fun, flirty, and easy to move. This tulle polka dot two-piece homecoming dress will look great under the lights with its velvet high neckline and sleeveless bodice and skirt trim.


Style 48478i (on the right) is a dress every girl needs. It’s a classic staple dress that is effortlessly chic and a winner for any occasion. The Ieena Duggal v-neck, fit and flare short cocktail dress could be your perfect homecoming dress! Choose this dress in 7 classic colors, 3 sequin versions, or 3 velvet styles. This dress with flatter any figure and can be taken from day to night. You will love it so much you may end up buying more than one color!

Contrasting Color Short DressSleeveless, ombre sequin body-con dress with scoop neckline

Style 30123C (on the left) has a chic contrasting color scheme that has been seen everywhere from the pageant stage to the red carpet and is sure to be a hit at your homecoming dance! The front of the fuchsia bodice is trimmed with black crystals, beads and ribbon-threaded chains that adds glamour to an already on trend look. The bright gold exposed zipper on back adds extra interest while not overwhelming. This flattering classic cut paired with on trend fabrics and trims makes this dress a great piece for any wardrobe.


Style 73005C (on the right) is a sleeveless, ombre sequin body-con dress that will glisten in the lights on the dance floor. This homecoming dress is simple which makes it perfect for a  night of dancing and photography.



Shop more looks at Mac Duggal’s

2018 Cocktail Collection and 2018 Ieena Collection

Shop Now

Jun. 19, 2018


Every outfit needs that extra pop of glam with something I like to call a girls best friend… Accessories! No outfit is complete without a nice pair of earrings or necklace. However, often times it is difficult to know what accessories will work best for your outfit. Follow these tips and tricks and you will become a fashion icon.


A major factor in deciding what kind of jewelry or accessory you should wear with your outfit will depend on the neckline of the outfit.




My favorite accessory to wear with a high neckline top is a statement necklace. When wearing a sleek outfit that incorporates a high neckline, a statement necklace catches everyone’s eyes and then draws them to look at the rest of your outfit.  However, another great possibility for a high neckline would be to keep it sleek and instead choose to wear dangle earrings.

neckless as an accessory
selecting the right earrings




Depending on how deep of a v-neck you are wearing the best choice of accessory may change.

For a V-neck T-shirt the options are pretty open. You could wear just a necklace or just earrings or you could wear both. As far as what type of earrings or necklaces to wear follow the combinations below.


          Only Earrings – Opt for a statement dangle earring.


          Only Necklace – Wear what you think fits your personality.

                                        This could be a choker, a long necklace,

                                        or a bulky necklace.


          Both – Opt for a bigger necklace and then wear simple

                       earrings such as a classic pair of diamond studs

                       or a small pair of dangle earrings.

layered necklacesFor a Deep-V neckline the best option is to wear a layered necklace. I specifically like layered necklaces because they appear small and delicate but add a sultry appearance as the necklace lays on the chest. Not only are layered necklaces great for Deep-V necks, but they’re great for any slightly plunging neckline.

necklace for v-neck dress



Flaunt your shoulders in that to die for strapless top you just bought, but don’t forget to add some eye candy to finish the look. The best piece to add to your strapless top is a choker. It is the perfect accessory for a strapless top. It is simple so it doesn’t draw too much attention away from your amazing neckline, but it also adds to the outfit to make it look complete.

choker worn with strapless top



Halter necks come in a variety of styles so it is hard to pin point what accessory would work for the majority of halter neck styles. Although, an option that will never fail to impress is adding a bracelet or two to take the look to the next level with a simple pair of stud earrings.

However, if you are looking for a necklace a simple style that looks great on most halter necks is a slim pendant. Simple, yet elegant.


For more examples on which necklaces you should wear with which neckline see the chart below!


necklace type for every neckline guide infographic

Share your favorite accessories with us by tagging @macduggal on Instagram!

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