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Aug. 1, 2019

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2019 Homecoming Dress Trends

By: Hannah Oliver


With homecoming quickly approaching, it is time to start thinking about what type of dress you want to wear to the homecoming dance! Here are top trends in homecoming dresses this season that will make you feel like the homecoming queen whether you win the crown or not. There are 6 trends this homecoming season that you should check out!



48478I- Teal Sleeveless Fit & Flare Cocktail Dress26099I- Lemon One Shoulder Ruffle Fit& Flare Cocktail Dress48772I- Red Sleeveless Beaded Trim Cocktail Dress48950I- Royal Halter Fit & Flare Cocktail Dress

This silhouette will never go out of style because it is flattering on every body type. Mac Duggal has a fit and flare dress in all the most fashionable colors. If you need help choosing a color, check out: How To Choose The perfect Homecoming Dress Color Guide. These dresses will have you looking both classy and fabulous at your homecoming dance.



12345D- Black Multi Floral Knee Length Cocktail Dress67641D- Black Gold Floral Sweetheart Cocktail Dress4984D- Black Multi Floral Sequin Cocktail Dress with Suede Accents40858D- Black Multi Floral Open Shoulder Fit & Flare Dress

Flowers are back and better than ever! From floral fabric prints to floral embroidery to floral embellishments. This trend is in full bloom! Floral details add a little hint of romance, so embrace your inner lady with these floral Mac Duggal dresses, and be the best-dressed girl on that homecoming dance floor.



48931I- Pink Cross Body Ruffle Cocktail Dress66998I- Winter Green Knee Length One Shoulder Ruffle Knee Length Cocktail Dress48952D- Mauve Cocktail Dress with Accented Ruffle48934I- Blue Gold One Shoulder Ruffled Cocktail Dress

If you want your dress to be flirty, then choose a dress with ruffle details! These ruffles draw the eye right where you want them to – first to your beautiful dress, then up to your beautiful face. A ruffle can take a simple dress and turn it into an absolutely fabulous one.



4742D- Porcelain Jumpsuit with Fringe and Beading30618D- Black Silver Sleeveless Jumpsuit26066I- Ivory One Shoulder Beaded Jumpsuit26192I- Royal Ruffled Open Shoulder Jumpsuit

Do you want to have heads turn when you walk through the door? Wear a Mac Duggal Jumpsuit to your homecoming dance! A dress is definitely not your only option here. Jumpsuits are THE trend right now, and they will make your legs look nice and long. Not only do they look fabulous, but jumpsuits are also easy to dance in!



4974D- Fusion Lilac Sequin Halter Romper48939I- Cobalt Blue Beaded Sleeveless Romper12143D- Gold Romper with Overskirt66858D- Crystal Ice Sequin Romper with Attachable Overskirt

All the perks of a jumpsuit AND you get to show off your legs! Rompers, along with jumpsuits, are a huge trend for homecoming. Easy to dance in, fun, flirty, and the perfect choice for your homecoming outfit! If you want to add a dramatic flair, choose a romper that has an overskirt.



4971D- Nude Silver Body Con Fringe Cocktail Dress26183I- Multi Colored Fit & Flare Cocktail Dress4752D- Charcoal Multi Beaded Long Sleeve Body Con Cocktail Dress25982I- Shimmering Ice Fit & Flare Cocktail Dress

From sparkly fabrics to thousands of sequins on a dress, sparkles are back again for this homecoming season. Having a little sparkle on your dress will set you apart from other girls. The shining dress will have you twinkling under the lights on the dance floor, and all eyes will be on you!


Mac Duggal has the perfect homecoming dress for you! When choosing a dress, be sure to remember the most important thing is it makes you feel confident and beautiful! Check out our homecoming collection to see all of our fabulous styles for homecoming.


We hope you have a terrific time at your homecoming dance and don’t forget to show us which trend you chose to rock at your dance. Tag @macduggal in your Instagram posts and use #MacDuggal.


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Jun. 6, 2019

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How To Choose The Perfect Pageant Interview Dress

By: Hannah Oliver

Finding a pageant interview outfit can be tough. In most pageant systems, you are not technically judged on the clothes that you are wearing, but be mindful that what you choose to wear can say a lot about you. According to Forbes, it only takes 7 seconds for someone to make a first impression. Your beautiful smile and your fabulous outfit can help make your first impression to the judges great. Do not worry because we are here to help you with a few tips on how to choose the perfect pageant interview dress!

Yellow Dress, White Romper with White Jacket, Pink Ruffle Dress
Sitting or Standing:

Be sure to check with your pageant system to find out if you are sitting or standing during your interview. If you are sitting down, you want to make sure that you are able to comfortably sit in your outfit. Make sure that it is not too tight or too short. If you are standing, still be mindful of the length of your dress, but also make sure that your shoes are comfortable enough to stand in during the duration of the interview.


The color of your outfit can say a lot about you whether you are intending for it to or not. Our brains perceive color psychology differently. The colors our brain psychologically analyzes can be used to manipulate our decision making. According to, Here are some popular meanings of different colors:

Red: Associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. It attracts attention more than any other color, at times signifying danger.

Blue: Unique and authentic. Enthusiastic, sympathetic and personal; they seek meaning and significance in life. Warm, communicative and compassionate; they care about what they do. Idealistic, spiritual and sincere; they value unity and integrity in their relationships. Peaceful, flexible and imaginative; they are natural romantics and nurturers

Yellow: Associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. Produces a warming effect, arouses cheerfulness, stimulates mental activity, and generates
muscle energy. Bright, pure yellow is an attention getter, which is the reason taxicabs are painted this color. Yellow indicates honor and loyalty.

Green: Color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Strong emotional correspondence with safety. Dark green is also commonly associated with money. Has great healing power. Green suggests stability and endurance. Symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Strongly associated with tranquility and calmness. Used to symbolize piety and sincerity.

Pink: This is a color that represents a gentle type of love.

Pink stands for tenderness, vulnerability and youth. It is a calming, non-threatening color. It is linked to innocence, hope and optimism. Pink color also represents positive aspects of traditional femininity like nurture and kindness. Pink can be linked to childhood sweetness and innocence, appearing sometimes as naïve or silly

White: Associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. Considered to be the color of perfection. Signifies safety, purity, and cleanliness. Usually has a positive connotation. Can represent a successful beginning. Depicts faith and purity.

Black: Associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery. A mysterious color associated with fear and the unknown (black holes). Usually has a negative connotation. Denotes strength and authority; it is considered to be a very formal, elegant, and prestigious color. The symbol of grief.


Along with color psychology, take a look at how your skin tone and hair color look in different colors. Do you look better in jewel tone, pastel, or natural colors? Read our blog post to find out more about choosing a color that pairs well with your hair color and skin tone.

Your Personality and Color Psychology:

It is important to think of not only what the color you are wearing means, but also how the psychology of your color pairs with your personality. If you are very talkative and have a large personality, wearing yellow or red might be too much. If you get very nervous before your interview, then you might want to wear blue or green to promote a calm feeling. If you are very sweet and shy, then wearing pink might have you come across as too sweet and shy. Thinking through your positive and negative personality traits and using them along with color psychology can help you choose which color to wear to seem the most balanced.

Red Fabulouss Dress, Pink Dress, Blue Jumpsuit
Standing Out:

When you are choosing an interview outfit it is all about finding balance between trendy and classic styles. You want to stand out, but you do not want your outfit to be distracting to the judges. Try to stay away from large patterns, lots of stones or beading, or distracting details. If you have a larger bust area, you should probably stay away from any dress that shows too much cleavage. You could stick with a traditional dress or you could choose something more trendy like a jumpsuit, romper, or pants and a top. The color can also help you stand out among other contestants. There is no wrong answer just be sure to keep in mind what your outfit could say about you.

Proper Fit:

It is extremely important that your interview dress fits properly. It does not matter how fabulous your outfit is, if it does not fit correctly. Search around and try on different sizes, or take your dress to a seamstress. Be sure that your dress hugs your body nicely but is not too tight. You want to be comfortable. Also make sure that your dress is not too long or too short. A good rule of thumb is to stand straight with your arms at your sides, the dress should be no shorter than the tip of your middle finger. If you are wearing pants or a jumpsuit, try it on with the heels you are wearing to make sure that you get the perfect length. Mac Duggal has a size guide on our website, or you can check out this blog post for more information on getting the perfect fit.

Age Appropriate:

It is important to remember to keep your interview dress age appropriate. Consider the range of ages of the people competing alongside you. For teen contestants, be sure to not choose a dress that is too mature in style or color. Typically, lighter and brighter hues are a great way to go. A very popular style choice for teens for a pageant interview dress is one that has a full skirt. If you are a “Miss” contestant, do not wear anything that makes you look juvenile. That might make you seem like you are not mature enough to do the job.

Shoes and Accessories:

Once you have found the perfect dress, it is time to find shoes and accessories. When choosing shoes, most contestants choose a nude color shoe that is not distracting. The last place you want judges to be looking when you are in an interview is at your feet. Try on your shoes and practice walking in them at home to ensure that they are not too tall or too uncomfortable. When deciding which accessories to wear with your outfit, pick accessories that are not distracting. Make sure that they compliment the dress. You do not need tons of accessories. Just some simple earrings will do! If you choose to wear bracelets, ensure that they are not too distracting or that they do not make noises when they touch together while you are talking with your hands.


Here are a few of our favorite Mac Duggal styles that would help you make the best first impression and lasting impression in your next pageant interview:

Red Dress with One Shoulder Ruffle

Style 66998I

Look darling in this knee length, one shoulder cocktail dress. This sheath dress has a layered one shoulder ruffle. This is available in red and winter green.

White Jumpsuit with White Suit Jacket

Style 26223I

Feel empowered in this fabulous white jumpsuit and jacket. The strapless jumpsuit has skinny legged pants and a sweetheart neckline. The white tailored suit jacket features an beautiful shining gold closure.

Royal Blue Ruffled Jumpsuit

Style 26192I

This jumpsuit is made perfect by the beautiful ruffled off the shoulder detail. Beginning at the delicate straps, the ruffle continues down around the arm to reveal the shoulder. The waist forms long strait leg pants that gently flare at the bottom. The jumpsuit is available in royal blue and white.

Black Dress with Ruffle

Style 48931I

A simple dress made fabulous by a ruffle! This black or pink cocktail has a ruffle that extends from the bottom of the dress to the opposite shoulder and then down and across the back. The shoulder that is not cover by a ruffle has a delicate strap. The dress has a v-neckline.

Yellow A Line Cocktail Dress
Style 55268I

This dreamy sunshine or hot pink cocktail dress is an A-line dress with a high neckline. It would be perfect for a teen interview!

Pink Peplum Top and Ivory Pants

Style 26144I 

This simple but fabulous ensemble includes a both a top and a pant. The pink top is sleeveless and has a peplum detail. The white pants are skinny legged.

Royal Blue Fabulouss Fit and Flare Dress

Style 48887F

Style 48887F has the popular off-the-shoulder sleeve with a sweetheart neckline. The waistline flares into a flared skirt with horsehair braiding underneath and along the hemline to give the royal blue or red dress a voluminous effect.

White One Shoulder Jumpsuit with Gold Detail

Style 26066I 

This classy white jumpsuit has a beautiful one shoulder neckline with gold sequin embellishment across the shoulder strap that continues to the back.

Pink Ruffle Cocktail Dress

Style 67619N

This A-line, one shoulder, sheath, short dress has a trendy ruffle that wraps around the shoulder. This dress is available in either Royal Blue or Hot Pink.  Red V Neck Jumpsuit

Style 55203L

This comfortable stretch crepe, V neck jumpsuit features a sash at the waist. The sash can be used to tie a front or back bow.

When it comes to choosing the interview dress for your pageant, you are sure to find the perfect dress in the Ieena collection or the Cocktail collection, which offers great choices for both Teen and Miss contestants.  A perfect blend of classy and elegant, the Ieena collection will help you make a great impression during the interview phase of the pageant.


As a leading designer in the pageant and prom industry, Mac Duggal is an expert when it comes to creating a winning wardrobe for pageant girls across the world. From gorgeous show stopping evening gowns to classic elegant interview dresses, Mac Duggal designs are a perfect choice for interview and evening gown.


We wish you all good luck this pageant season and don’t forget to show us your pageant style. Tag @macduggal in your instagram posts and use #MacDuggal.


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May. 21, 2019

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It’s time to think about hitting the stores and start the search for the perfect gown for the fall ball.

Homecoming is coming!

Silver Fringe Cocktail Dress

Style 4971D

And all you need to make it perfect is that special dress. You delve into the Mac Duggal 2018 homecoming dresses in the Cocktail and Ieena collections, your eyes soaking up the gorgeous gowns and all their exquisite detailing, your heartbeat picks up at the thought of slipping into one of these festive, fabulous frocks.


But you’re stuck on one little detail. What color should I wear?


If you have ever Googled one of those “how to find your perfect color” guides, you know the very next step after clicking on one of the hundreds of thousands of links is to then hit up Google for the definitions of half the words you just read. Winter, summer, autumn tones, oranges, blues, cool, warm, pink, natural, muted, glowing, deep… figuring out what your precise skin coloring is just to find what shade will look best on you can be exhausting. Some “helpful” sites are even packed with flowcharts similar to this:


The truth is, unless you naturally “get” what it means to go through all those color analysis charts, you probably need professional help if you want to use them to find your perfect color. Because even following the instructions to a tee can make you go mad. And no one wants to see that.


But there are simpler ways to get to the root of your best color when it comes to choosing your homecoming dress. One is to determine the undertone of your skin. The other, simply look to guides for what colors look good with your locks.


Hair Color

Generally speaking, the color of your hair can be a good determination for the color that looks great on you. While there are certainly more considerations and darker or lighter skin tones may affect the outcome, as a guide, it’s a good place to start.


Blonde – If you go the way of Reese Witherspoon and Marilyn Monroe, you might want to try bold colors, such as red, orange, coral, emerald and peacock, as well as neutral tones like nude, tan or taupe.

Girl Wearing Gold Prom Dress

Photo by @emmawilliams18

Redhead – The skin tone of a lady with fiery locks can vary wildly, and the lighter the tone, the more washed out you’ll look in light colors. But in general, a redhead can shine in mocha, sapphire, emerald, and ivory.

Twins Wearing Green Long Dresses

Photo by @Katsprom

Brunette – They say blondes have more fun, but brunettes seem to have more variety. Whether your locks are a warm chestnut or a sultry raven, saturated colors are yours for the taking! Dark hair pairs well with several colors, including varying shades of pink, blue, brown, green, and orange.

Girl Wearing Royal Blue Prom Dress

Photo by @_mwatsun

Of course, not every color pairs specifically with any hair color, and there are varying levels of intensity in both hair color and dress color. But as a simple guide, these tips will come in quite handy!


Skin Undertone


You can figure out your undertone by squeezing the tip of your finger. See how the color changes slightly? THAT is the undertone!


If the undertone appears blue, pink, reddish-purple or rosy, then cool colors are likely for you. If what you see is peachy, gold, coral or a brighter red, then warm colors will probably be the most flattering against your skin.

Warm and cool are exactly like they sound – warm colors produce the illusion of the feel of warmth. Cool colors look like a cooling breeze feels.

Orange Prom Dress with Cut Outs

Photo by @Mallorysevans

Pink Ballgown Prom Dress

Photo by @colorsofmei

Orange and pink are warm colors.

Blue Dress with Leg Slit

Photo by @matapamaila

Photo by @marleyhannah

Blue and green are cool colors.
Classic Glamour

Colors giving you grief? Why not try the most classic look of all?

A stunning Mac Duggal little black dress can look beautiful on anyone, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to length, embellishments, and cut. These sassy dresses are glammed up for the occasion with stunning colorful beaded embellishments.

Dancing in Black Embellished Prom Dress

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of perception. Bring your friends with you. Ask them questions. Tell them to BE HONEST. Holding up dress after dress is a tough sell when it’s just you and the mirror. But through the eyes of another person, you are getting a much better picture of what really looks great on you.


And in the end, remember, it’s YOUR dress. If you love it, then LOVE it. We’re sure you’ll look fantastic. Start your search for your homecoming dress here.


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May. 9, 2019


How common is it for girls to get ripped off by fraudulent online prom dress stores? Walk into any prom dress retailer and ask them about this subject, and they will indicate it is very commonplace. It’s a frequent occurrence for girls to come into their stores with tales of woe after having been cheated by a fraudulent online retailer.


If the price of a prom dress offered online seems to good to be true, it probably is to good to be true. There are a variety of bad things that can occur when dealing with a fraudulent web site.


1)  The order never gets shipped.
2)  The color of the dress is vastly different than the image displayed online
3)  The dress is made from cheap fabric with poor quality workmanship
4)  The fit is terrible
5)  The embellishments are terribly inferior versus what is shown in the online image
6) There are months of delays in receipt of the dress and customer service is non-existent


Be aware that the search engines are filled with the sites of fraudulent online stores. The search engines are enablers of the these prom dress counterfeiters. The paid results at the top of the results pages are infested with links to fraudulent stores that have stolen images from the top designers such as Mac Duggal. These stores are buying their way to the top of the search engines. In many cases, they can afford to pay a lot to get to the top of the search engines because they are saving money by using cheap, inferior materials and sloppy workmanship.


The results obtained when searching online for prom dresses is a jumbled result of legitimate and fraudulent sites. Most of the larger prom dress retailers have websites and there a numerous online stores that are extremely reputable. So how can you segment the legitimate stores from the fraudulent ones?


Tips For Finding Legitimate Prom Dress Retailers


1) Go to the sites of the top designers and use their “Where to Buy” function to find authorized retailers. The Mac Duggal authorized retailer’s can be identified by going to Find Retailer. (a link to “Find Retailer” is in the navigation bar at the top of the webpage).
2) Search for “store name reviews”. Be aware this method is far from foolproof. Many of the reviews are paid for and not trustworthy. It requires a lot of digging to find reviews that you can trust.
3) Look up the store’s Page on Facebook. Check on how many likes the store has. Check on whether the store’s posts are getting shared, as this is a good indication that they have an engaged customer base. Click on the “show share” button. See if the distribution of names seems to be typical. Read the comments to determine if they seem to be coming from legitimate fans, or if the online store is buying them. Be aware that this is not a foolproof method of sussing out legitimate stores, as the fraudulent stores sometimes buy likes and pay for positive comments.


Recommended Prom Dress Stores in Selected Cities

Atlanta Prom Dress Stores
Birmingham AL Prom Dress Stores
Chicago Prom Dress Stores
Nashville Prom Dress Stores


While the title of the video provided below is about wedding dresses, it is directly relevant to prom dresses. The story would be almost identical if they had substituted “prom dress” for “wedding dress”.


May. 7, 2019

Dozens of Colors Means One Fake Prom Dress

Everyone has heard of scammers selling fake handbags and electronics, but parents and teens have to look out for another scam. . . counterfeit prom dresses. So be warned, getting scammed by a knock-off or counterfeit dress website can be a mistake that can damage more than just your wallet.


It’s surprisingly easy to be lured onto one of the fake prom dress sites. It begins as you search for the perfect dress. It starts by looking at the latest fashion magazines then searching online.


While looking for the best deal and the dress of your dreams, you come to an online store that offers prices 60% lower. While picking out the perfect style with the best deal, you find that, even better, it comes in more than 20 colors!


The truth is, you’ve just seen the biggest dead giveaway that your dress won’t be quite what you are expecting. It’s time to hit the back button if something like this pops up on the page where the photographed dress is featured:


The above selection box is similar to what is shown on most websites that offer discount and “cheap” special occasion dresses. And it’s not something to get excited about.


The idea is appealing. You love this gown but it is green, and you hate green. But look at all of the available colors! Hooray!


There’s a reason that these sites offer dresses in every color of the rainbow, while the designer’s sites only show the dress available in just a few hues. According to Mac Duggal, “The fact is you’ll never know which color you are going to get when you see so many colors. Counterfeiters use damaged, leftover material that they can get cheaply to offer such low prices. These materials often fall apart, rip easily, or even give young girls hives and rashes.”


What do we mean when we say you never know which color you’ll get? Well, for example, if you wanted a white dress and walked into a store, you would know exactly which shade of white you envisioned. The store would do everything to find you that perfect white tint you desired. However, when you choose the color white from an online counterfeiter you could be getting the white, off-white, bone, or even ivory. It makes an even bigger difference when you order bright colors. Mac Duggal warns that “you could choose the color ‘Pink,’ but what you could really get is a neon pink or light pink. It really comes down to which materials are leftover, and sometimes you may even get two different colors sewn together on a dress.”


Girls look forward to the idea of getting a dress in so many colors, but in reality, it’s more of a curse than a blessing. When you look at a dress in your local prom retailer, you know what color you are going to get. Legitimate prom retailers are going to be there for you every step of the way. If you are deciding between a store or a counterfeit online deal, Mac Duggal asks you to remember this one thing, “These stores and honest designers are willing to fight for you and get you the dress of your dreams. Counterfeiters NEVER have your best interests at heart. There is no such thing as returns with prom dress counterfeiters.”


If you happen to stumble across a site that offers steeply discounted dresses in a wide range of colors, think twice before you click “Buy.”

Counterfeit Mac Duggal Prom Dress

We purchased a counterfeit copy of a Mac Duggal prom dress. This comparison shows the difference between Mac Duggal Style 3434 and its Counterfeit Copy from Modern Bridals.


Overseas counterfeit websites (many of them China-based) target teenage girls by stealing images from top designers. They then claim to make the exact dress in multiple colors at a discounted rate, and millions of girls fall for their scam.


But when your dress is delivered, it’s hardly like the dress in the photograph. If you even get a dress, you are shipped a cheap knock-off with problems in the stitching, beading, and fit. Some girls only get pieces of the dress and are expected to sew it together!


Jan Ferracuti from popular prom dress store Bridal Elegance knows first hand the experience that mothers and teens go through when accidentally ordering a counterfeit prom dress. “During prom season, we have mothers and daughters frantically searching for a prom dress at the last minute because they ordered their prom dress online from a random website and it either didn’t come in or it doesn’t look like what they ordered. They will show us a picture of what they thought they were ordering and the dress that they received. It’s very sad- not only does the girl not have her dress, but her mom is also out the money she spent on the counterfeit dress.”


Featured on the Today Show, one young high school girl, Alexandra Marschall, had high hopes when she found that perfect dress online for a discounted rate. However, when she received the dress it was in pieces and the beading was actually left in a separate bag!

Today Show Prom Segment Video

Alexandra was expected to sew her own prom dress together. . . just two weeks before the prom. So if you’re not into a DIY prom dress and don’t want a cheap knock-off, then stay away from scammer prom dress sites.

What Mac Duggal is Doing to Stop Counterfeit Prom Dress Scams

On a daily basis, Mac Duggal sends Google requests to remove links to the webpages of counterfeiters that use copyright infringing photos of our dresses. Within the industry, we are the leader in Google takedown requests. During the past year, our efforts have led to the removal of over 15,000 webpages from Google’s index. These webpages were found on over 500 websites that have copied Mac Duggal photography with the intent of scamming consumers. One of Mac Duggal’s top priorities is to protect the women and young girls who assume they are buying a designer Mac Duggal dress from getting ripped off. We’ve also created a Counterfeit Prom Dress Nightmares page to increase awareness of how frequently teenage girls are being victimized.

What You Can Do to Avoid the Scam

You can take proactive steps to avoid being scammed by counterfeit prom dresses websites. Beware that if you view a counterfeit prom dress site, their advertising will pop up on your browser in the future. It’s important to protect yourself and your prom dress purchase. Avoid getting ripped off by one of these fraudulent websites by watching out for the following:


Price: If it’s too good to be true, then it’s probably too good to be true
Website: Check the FAQ and About page. Make sure it’s a professional site
Return Policy: Reputable dress sellers will spell it out for you
Location of Website: Beware of websites based in and shipping from China. Mac Duggal has zero retailers located in China
Knock-off Prom List: If you still aren’t sure, check the Knock-off Prom List.

And if you see a website that offers a multitude of colors, run don’t walk.

Recommended Prom Dress Stores in Selected States

Arkansas Prom Dress Stores
Connecticut Prom Dress Stores
Kentucky Prom Dress Stores
Mississippi Prom Dress Stores

May. 5, 2019

4 Ways to Choose the Right Jewelry for Prom

You have found the perfect prom dress, and now you need to find the perfect jewelry to go with your dress. Here at Mac Duggal we have the best advice to help you find the best jewelry to compliment your dress. There are 4 things to consider during the jewelry decision making process.

gold v-neck prom dress, gold sequin prom dress, blue fabulouss dress, and black velvet prom dress

1. Your hairstyle at prom: Think about how you want to style your hair at prom. You could do a pony tail, sleek and straight, beach waves, a beautiful bun, half up, a braid, or even beautiful curls. If you need help deciding on your hairstyle- check out this blog post. If your hair is going to be in a bun, pony tail, braid, half up, or any style that pulls your hair away from your face, then you can wear large statement earrings. If your hair is going to be down and straight or curled, then large statement earrings might get lost in your beautiful hair. Then, we would suggest that you wear some simple earrings.

Sequin Black Evening Gown Closeup

Style 1068D

2. The color of your dress:  You have a couple choices when deciding which color jewelry to wear with your dress. You can choose jewelry that is the same color of your dress, a neutral color, or a complimentary color. Let’s say that you have a teal dress. Choosing teal jewelry to wear with your teal dress can create a complete and complementing look. You could also choose simple neutral silver or gold jewelry to go along with your teal dress. If you are going for the neutral look, typically cool colored dresses look best with silver jewelry, and warm colored dresses look best with gold jewelry. If you go with the neutral jewelry, make sure that it isn’t too distracting because it should act as a finishing touch rather than a distracting detail. Your last option is to wear jewelry and shoes that is are complementing color. Complementary colors are colors that are opposite from each other on the color wheel. Teal’s complementary color is fuchsia. This can create a fun alternative to wearing matching or neutral jewelry.

teal prom dress

Style 4817L

3. The embellishment on your dress: Look at the beading on your dress. There are typically two main types of stones on prom dresses- AB and Regular. AB stands for Aurora Borealis. AB stones have a coating on them that allows the stone to pick up other colors in the light. Regular stones just pick up the color of the stone. You could also have pearls or other types of beading on your prom dress. Be sure to know what type of beading is on your dress before you go shopping for earrings. Look to see if the backing of the stones on your dress are gold or silver. If your dress has pink AB stones with gold backing then you could wear earrings or a bracelet with pink AB stones with gold backing. 

77571A DiamondWhite prom dress close up view

Style 77571A

4. The neckline of your dress: The type of neckline your dress has can help you decide what kind of jewelry you should wear. If you have a dress with a v-neckline you could wear a trendy drop y-necklace. If you have a high neckline you can skip the necklace and try some simple studs or hoops. Think about the emphasis point of your dress. The emphasis point is the very first place you look when you see the dress. If the emphasis point is around your neck or face, then keep the jewelry around your face simple. If the the emphasis point is somewhere else on the gown, then go with earrings that are big and fabulous.

77269D- Black Beaded Ballgown with Cap Sleeves and Open Back- Closeup

Style 77269D

Don’t wait until the last minute to decide which accessories you are going to pair with your prom dress. Prom is one of the most fun nights of the year. We want you to have fun getting ready to go to the big dance and not stressed about which jewelry looks best. Try out different styles of jewelry, shoes, and purses. Most importantly, make sure that you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Haven’t chosen your prom dress yet? Check out our blog posts- Pick the Perfect Homecoming Dress Color – A Guide and The Perfect Prom Dress to Flatter Your Figure.

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