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Mar. 19, 2019

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How common is it for girls to get ripped off by fraudulent online prom dress stores? Walk into any prom dress retailer and ask them about this subject, and they will indicate it has become very commonplace. It’s a frequent occurrence for girls to come into their stores with tales of woe after having been cheated by a fraudulent online retailer.


If the price of a prom dress offered online seems to good to be true, it probably is to good to be true. There are a variety of bad things that can occur when dealing with a fraudulent web site.


1)  The order never gets shipped.
2)  The color of the dress is vastly different than the image displayed online
3)  The dress is made from cheap fabric with poor quality workmanship
4)  The fit is terrible
5)  The embellishments are terribly inferior versus what is shown in the online image
6) There are months of delays in receipt of the dress and customer service is non-existent


Be aware that the search engines are filled with the sites of fraudulent online stores. The search engines are enablers of the these prom dress counterfeiters. The paid results at the top of the results pages are infested with links to fraudulent stores that have stolen images from the top designers such as Mac Duggal. These stores are buying their way to the top of the search engines. In many cases, they can afford to pay a lot to get to the top of the search engines because they are saving money by using cheap, inferior materials and sloppy workmanship.


The results obtained when searching online for prom dresses is a jumbled result of legitimate and fraudulent sites. Most of the larger prom dress retailers have websites and there a numerous online stores that are extremely reputable. So how can you segment the legitimate stores from the fraudulent ones?


Tips For Finding Legitimate Prom Dress Retailers


1) Go to the sites of the top designers and use their “Where to Buy” function to find authorized retailers. The Mac Duggal authorized retailer’s can be identified by going to Find Retailer. (a link to “Find Retailer” is in the navigation bar at the top of the webpage).
2) Search for “store name reviews”. Be aware this method is far from foolproof. Many of the reviews are paid for and not trustworthy. It requires a lot of digging to find reviews that you can trust.
3) Look up the store’s Page on Facebook. Check on how many likes the store has. Check on whether the store’s posts are getting shared, as this is a good indication that they have an engaged customer base. Click on the “show share” button. See if the distribution of names seems to be typical. Read the comments to determine if they seem to be coming from legitimate fans, or if the online store is buying them. Be aware that this is not a foolproof method of sussing out legitimate stores, as the fraudulent stores sometimes buy likes and pay for positive comments.


Recommended Prom Dress Stores in Selected Cities

Atlanta Prom Dress Stores
Birmingham AL Prom Dress Stores
Chicago Prom Dress Stores
Nashville Prom Dress Stores


While the title of the video provided below is about wedding dresses, it is directly relevant to prom dresses. The story would be almost identical if they had substituted “prom dress” for “wedding dress”.


Mar. 1, 2019

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The pros and cons of wearing the same prom dress as your bestie!

One of the hottest trends for prom this year is for two besties to walk into prom wearing the same dress in different colors. Picking the exact same dress in the different tones for prom can produce a stunning look and can help you get some really cute photos for your Instagram.

67691D- Magenta Sleeveless Ballgown67691D- Hunter Green Sleeveless Ballgown

However, there are pros and cons to rocking the same dress as your bestie. Here are just a few:


Color choice: If you LOVE a dress that comes in multiple colors, it’s hard to pick just one. So you and your bestie can each choose a fun color to rock. Make sure your colors look good together!

The dress swap: Girls often fall in love with the dress they wear to prom but find it hard to reuse or recycle the dress. Although there are many ways to reuse your dress, (See Creative Ways to Reuse Your Prom Dress) an alternate solution would be to swap with your bestie after prom. That way you can rock the dress you love again but with a new feel because of the different shade.

It’s fun: Instead of dreading someone walking into prom with the same dress as you, embrace the twinning moment. Walk in side by side with your bestie in the same cute dress and have some fun with it!

It’s a Great Conversation Starter: You will get lots of comments from friends on wearing the same dress as your bestie. And it offers a good opening for someone to start a conversation with you.

25958i- Blue Satin Gown with Off The Shoulder Neckline and Leg Slit25958i- Red Satin Gown with Off The Shoulder Neckline and Leg Slit


Spotlight moment: Prom is a chance to have all eyes on you. If you and your bestie rock the same dress there’s a chance that you will have fewer spotlight moments. Even if your dress is stunning, your bestie will most likely be by your side much of the night, looking great in that same dress and drawing attention away from you.

Pictures: Seeing two of the same dresses in photos can make or break a photo. If it’s just you and your bestie, the pictures will come out cute and fun! It will not be an issue for photos that you aren’t both in together. However, in a large group, if two girls wear the same dress there is the potential for the look to be distracting and off balanced, particularly if you are next to each other.


Wearing the same dress as your bestie is a fun way to share a special moment with a true bff. Wearing a Mac Duggal dress will give both of you a big boost in confidence!

4900D- Oyster Long Sleeve Beaded Wrap Dress4900D- Black Pearl Long Sleeve Beaded Wrap Dress

Send us your prom photos! Instagram – Tag @macduggal and use the hashtag #MacDuggalphotos

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Feb. 3, 2019

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Dozens of Colors Means One Fake Prom Dress

Everyone has heard of scammers selling fake handbags and electronics, but parents and teens have to look out for another scam. . . counterfeit prom dresses. So be warned, getting scammed by a knock-off or counterfeit dress website can be a mistake that can damage much more than your wallet.


It’s surprisingly easy to be lured onto one of the fake prom dress sites. It begins as you search for the perfect dress. It starts with looking at the latest fashion magazines then searching online. . .


While looking for the best deal and the dress of your dreams, you come to an online store that offers prices 60% lower. While picking out the perfect style with the best deal, you find that, even better, it comes in more than 20 colors!


The truth is, you’ve just seen the biggest dead giveaway that your dress won’t be quite what you are expecting. It’s time to hit the back button if something like this pops up on the page where the photographed dress is featured:


The above selection box is similar to what is shown on most websites that offers discount and “cheap” special occasion dresses. And it’s not something to get excited about.


The idea is appealing. You love this gown but it is green, and you hate green. But look at all of the available colors! Hooray!


There’s a reason that these sites offer dresses in every color of the rainbow, while the designer’s sites only show the dress available in just a few hues. According to Mac Duggal,  “The fact is you’ll never know which color you are going to get when you see so many colors. Counterfeiters use damaged, leftover material that they can get cheaply to offer such low prices. These materials often fall apart, rip easily, or even give young girls hives and rashes.”


What do we mean when we say you never know which color you’ll get? Well, for example, if you wanted a white dress and walked into a store, you would know exactly which shade of white you envisioned. The store would do everything to find you that perfect white tint you desired. However, when you choose the color white from an online counterfeiter you could be getting white, off-white, bone, or even ivory. It makes an even bigger difference when you order bright colors. Mac Duggal warns that, “you could choose the color ‘Pink,’ but what you could really get is a neon pink or light pink. It really comes down to which materials are left over, and sometimes you may even get two different color sewn together on a dress.”


Girls look forward to the idea of getting a dress in so many colors, but in reality it’s more of a curse than a blessing. When you look at a dress in your local prom retailer, you know what color you are going to get. Legitimate prom retailers are going to be there for you every step of the way. If you are deciding between a store or a counterfeit online deal, Mac Duggal asks you to remember this one thing, “These stores and honest designers are willing to fight for you and get you the dress of your dreams. Counterfeiters NEVER have your best interests at heart. There is no such thing as returns with prom dress counterfeiters.”


If you happen to stumble across a site that offers steeply discounted dresses in a wide range of colors, think twice before you click “Buy.”

Counterfeit Mac Duggal Prom Dress

We purchased a counterfeit copy of a Mac Duggal prom dress. This comparison shows the difference between Mac Duggal Style 3434 and its Counterfeit Copy from Modern Bridals.


Overseas counterfeit websites (many of them China-based) target teenage girls by stealing images from top designers. They then claim to make the exact dress in multiple colors at a discounted rate, and millions of girls fall for their scam.


But when your dress is delivered, it’s hardly like the dress in the photograph. If you even get a dress, you are shipped a cheap knock-off with problems in the stitching, beading, and fit. Some girls only get pieces of the dress and are expected to sew it together!


Jan Ferracuti from popular prom dress store Bridal Elegance knows first hand the experience that mothers and teens go through when accidentally ordering a counterfeit prom dress. “During prom season, we have mothers and daughters frantically searching for a prom dress at the last minute because they ordered their prom dress online from a random website and it either didn’t come in or it doesn’t look like what they ordered. They will show us a picture of what they thought they were ordering and the dress that they received.  It’s very sad- not only does the girl not have her dress, her mom is out the money she spent for the counterfeit dress.”


Featured on the Today Show, one young high school girl, Alexandra Marschall, had high hopes when she found that perfect dress online for a discounted rate. However, when she received the dress it was in pieces and the beading was actually left in a separate bag!

Today Show Prom Segment Video

Alexandra was expected to sew her own prom dress together. . . just two weeks before the prom. So if you’re not into a DIY prom dress and don’t want a cheap knock-off, then stay away from scammer prom dress sites.

What Mac Duggal is Doing to Stop Counterfeit Prom Dress Scams

On a daily basis, Mac Duggal sends Google requests to remove links to the webpages of counterfeiters that use copyright infringing photos of our dresses. Within the industry we are the leader in Google takedown requests. During the past year, our efforts have led to the removal of over 15,000 webpages from Google’s index. These webpages were on found on over 500 websites that have copied Mac Duggal photography with the intent of scamming consumers. One of Mac Duggal’s top priorities is to protect the women and young girls who assume they are buying a designer Mac Duggal dress from getting ripped off. We’ve also created a Counterfeit Prom Dress Nightmares page to increase awareness of how frequently teenage girls are being victimized.

What You Can Do to Avoid the Scam

You can take proactive steps to avoid being scammed by counterfeit prom dresses websites. Beware that if you view a counterfeit prom dress site, their advertising will pop up on your browser in the future. It’s important to protect yourself and your prom dress purchase. Avoid getting ripped off by one of these fraudulent websites by watching out for the following:


Price: If it’s too good to be true, then it’s probably too good to be true
Website: Check the FAQ and About page. Make sure it’s a professional site
Return Policy: Reputable dress sellers will spell it out for you
Location of Website: Beware of websites based in and shipping from China. Mac Duggal has zero retailers located in China
Knock-off Prom List: If you still aren’t sure, check the Knock-off Prom List.

And if you see a website that offers a multitude of colors, run don’t walk.

Recommended Prom Dress Stores in Selected States

Arkansas Prom Dress Stores
Connecticut Prom Dress Stores
Kentucky Prom Dress Stores
Mississippi Prom Dress Stores

Jan. 30, 2019

How to Take an Amazing Prom Photo

Prom is one of the most important and unforgettable days of a high school. Girls spend months finding the perfect dress, shoes, hair styles, makeup, and jewelry, and they want nothing but to feel exceptionally beautiful on their special day. Every girl wants to capture this night for the rest of her life so they can reminisce on their fun prom night. Whether you have a fancy camera or just your iPhone, it is crucial to use your tools and resources to get the perfect pictures. Not only will you and your family look back on these photos, but everyone will be tagging your in these pictures on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook before you know it! Now, lets go over these easy tips on getting that picture perfect prom photo.


1. Location


First things first- location. Choosing the right location is a crucial decision because your background can make or break the pictures! The location needs to be accessible while also being aesthetically pleasing. Plan for both a “dry” and “wet” location to reduce your stress levels if there is rain on your prom day. Rain is common, especially in the months of April and May.  Although we hope for the best weather, you should find a few places around your hometown or neighborhood that hold a special place in your heart. Places including a park, arboretum, nature preserve, your school, or even a friends house can be the ultimate photoshoot location.

Tip: make sure the background is cleaned up. You don’t want any trash, poor landscape, or even photobombing friends getting in the way of your endless pictures.

Emily Skinner in the gorgeous style 66346D!

2. Lighting


Perfect lighting is a must! Too much light can cause your eyes to squint or your makeup to look too shiny. Not enough light will hide your beautiful makeup, not show the full details of your dress, and can cause your photos to look dull. Choose somewhere that has great lighting, both natural and artificial. Determine the direction of the light so you can position yourself accordingly. If you are outside, find a nicely shaded area. If you are inside, find a place that has good window light. If you are using artificial light, make sure that it is not too yellow or too blue because that could alter the look of your photos. If you have a photographer taking your photos, then they will know all of these details, but if your mom, dad, or a friend is taking your photos, it is critical that they know how to use your phone or your camera properly in different lightings.

Tip: get a variety of photos in different lighting. Rather than being disappointed, you can always go back and choose your favorites and delete any unwanted pictures.


3. The “Pose”


Got a favorite angle or side? Everyone does, but try different sides and an array poses to ensure that every photo looks unique. You would be surprised with how great a picture could turn out even if you felt awkward or were on your “bad side.” Whether you want to pose by yourself for a selfie or with a group of your girl friends, there are so many photogenic poses to strike! Leave the “awkward” traditional prom pose behind. Instead, sit side-by-side, hold hands, or link arms with your date. These pictures will not only be adorable but more flattering. A photo of you and your date dancing together could make a cute photo because it will capture the movement of your dress and hair. When you are posing, slightly move between each photo. Whether it is a tilt of the head or the way your arm is hanging, if you make slight movements between each photo then you will have more options.


There are also many ways to spice up your pictures that are both affordable and easy. Consider using props for prom! Whether its a sign, a couch, a tree swing, or just balloons, these props make the pictures fun and lively. Practice your favorites look and as always, don’t forget to smile! If you want to take a cute “laughing” photo with your friends, actually try to audibly laugh out loud. You will sound ridiculous but then you and your friends will really begin to laugh.

Tip: Keep it simple, take candids, and have fun with it. Pull as many poses as you like…you wont regret having too many pictures in your ravishing Mac Duggal gown.
Pro Tip: Tilt you head to the side, but just a pinch. It’ll make you look less stiff, more elongated, and flatter your figure.

Lauren Perla strikes an enchanting pose in style 62989D with her handsome date!

4. Do a Double Check


Before your mom starts aggressively taking hundreds of pictures of you, it is time for a double check. Look over your teeth, hair, makeup, and dress. You want to make sure is no food or smeared lipstick on your teeth. Make sure you don’t have any crazy hairs flying away to ruin your pictures. If you don’t have a mirror available, always rely on friends or family to help freshen up.

Tip: Have a double-check buddy. Have your besties’ back by having her check you and you check her.

Style 25572I

5. Balance Time Between Friends and Date

Okay, so you’re going to be taking a lot of pictures on prom night. There’s honestly no escaping it. Learn how to balance your time between your date and your friends but also make sure you enjoy YOUR night. Take pictures alone with your date, with each of your friends, with groups of friends, and a big group pictures. Group poses are fun and you will never regret having all your friends in one picture.

Tip: Have someone capture a picture with your family too! You’ll love looking back with them at these memories.

Emmy Grace wearing the stunning style 66442A with date!

6. Take Your Time


A rushed photo session never turns out how you want it. Take a breathe, don’t get flustered, and make sure you leave yourself enough time to get all the pictures you want without being stressed. Time management is important and a schedule might help you understand where you need to be and when. Consider how long it is going to take you to get ready, how long the drive to your photo location is, how long it will take you and your date to eat dinner together, and the scheduled time you are supposed to arrive at the dance. Also leave room for error in case one of those events takes a little longer than expected.

Tip: Make sure everyone knows the schedule as well. If you have that friends who is always running late, make sure to expect all those bumps along the way.

Jolie Pickren in this gorgeous dress from @michellesformalwear!

7. Relax


No matter how important the day is, always make sure to relax and have fun. Before you know it, the night will be over and you want to remember the good memories and not being stressed over small inconveniences. The night is truly what you make of it, so make it the best. It is such a special day for you and all of your friends before you leave for college. It is an unforgettable memory so relax and dance the night away!

Toni Ann Andrea wearing style 77677F!

Check out our Pinterest Board for more amazing photos and prom photo ideas! You could be featured on the Mac Duggal’s website and Pinterest page too. Just use the hashtag #MacDuggal and the @MacDuggal handle to tag yourself and your dress.

Jan. 18, 2019

Prom Dress Trends for 2019

Prom is a big event for every young girl—an occasion when you can dress your best and have fun. The outfit you choose for it will be immortalized through photographs taken on the day. Therefore, you must find a dress that helps you look your best. It should also be comfortable, since you will be wearing the dress for several hours and even dancing in it.

Here is a round-up of the hottest prom dress trends for 2019 from the fashion enthusiasts at Best for Bride in Canada to inspire your choice.



Fringe dresses provide the carefree, glitzy, glamorous fashion statement that made this style all the rage among flappers during the 1920’s. All eyes will be drawn to you as the fringe shimmies and sways when you enter a room or step upon the dance floor. Mac Duggal has brought up to date styling to the fringe dress, giving them a modern look and feel. View more fringe dresses


Ball Gown Prom Dresses

gold prom dress

The perfect evening gown for that grand entrance of your dreams is a romantic ball gown prom dress. It fulfills the dream of walking into a room and feeling like a princess. And when twirling across the dance floor you will feel like teen royalty. Prom dresses with a ball gown look and feel are surging in popularity this season. In particular, soft hue colors like rose gold and powder blue are on trend this year, to the point where these colors have become equal in popularity to red and black dresses. For a bold look in the red spectrum, burgundy prom dresses are in vogue this year.

Shine in Gold

gold short prom dress

Bring on the bling in a gown embellished with golden sequins or brocade. Metallics are very fashionable, and gold is the hottest choice this year. This universally flattering metallic hue works on all complexions and is just perfect to steal the spotlight. It is also a versatile choice that works well with any hairstyle and makeup. You hardly need any accessories to complete your prom day look, when your dress is opulent with golden details. So make a majestic appearance in a gold dress and you will certainly be noticed.


Dresses with Dramatic Backs

black and gold two piece prom dress - back

Show skin without being flashy in a dress with dramatic back details. This is a great option to show-off your sense of style in a sophisticated way. You can make your pick from illusion designs embellished with lace appliques and crystal embroidery, sheer overlays, pretty keyhole cut-outs and low-cut open backs.  Keyhole backs and illusion details offer beautiful coverage, while low-cut and open backs are revealing and bold. Don’t forget to choose a suitable hairstyle that highlights the back of your dress and doesn’t distract from its statement features.

Lace Details and Accents

Long Illusion Sleeve White Lace Ball Gown

If you love elegant and classy styles, lace is the way to go. All-over lace dresses are eternally romantic with timeless allure. Look for playful colors like bright red or blue for a modern twist on the classic. You can even go gothic with black lace. Or include lace in your outfit as an accent, by choosing a dress with lace sleeves. For a contemporary look, pick sexy silhouettes like the mermaid or sheath in lace. When wearing lace, choose your accessories with care or you can end up with a cluttered look.

Hi-Low Hemlines

Strapless high low dress

Don’t hide your beautiful, slender legs beneath yards of fabric. Show them off in a splendid high-low hemline dress. This style of a short hemline in the front that grows to floor-length at the back is very youthful and chic. Pay attention to your choice of footwear, since it will be visible beneath the short skirt in the front. Contrast colored footwear will stand out and make a statement, when paired with a dressy high-low gown that cascades and flows in the background. For more inspiration on this look, visit this celebrity trend post on Instyle.


Strappy Details

beaded burgundy prom dress - back

Spaghetti straps and slightly wider straps on the shoulders and crossing over the bodice or back are fashionable now. This vintage-inspired trend has a 90’s vibe, and looks best in solid color dresses. Dresses with sheer panels and cut-outs along sides and neckline also feature slender straps that structure the dress and hold it in place. This is a dramatic look to explore if you don’t mind showing off some skin. For an effortless and stylish look, keep your accessories minimum and choose a tousled and natural looking hairstyle.


Black and White

Black and White Lace Prom Dress

The black and white combination is a welcome update to the all-black gothic look, and one you can easily personalize. This classic combination of two neutrals is impressive for its simplicity and elegance.  Take your cue from the monochrome look sported by Michelle Williams on the Oscar Red carpet, and choose a black and white dress with a plunging neckline for added impact. On the other hand, go with patterns in these two colors for a fun and flirty look. Complete your black and white outfit with a pair of brightly colored heels or sandals for a pop of color.

Two-Piece Dresses

two piece sky blue ball gown

Incredibly versatile, two-pieces are the way to go if you love unique and customized looks. It allows you to mix and match colors and textures to make your own fashion statement. With the right style of top and skirt, you can create any silhouette whether it is a mermaid, sheath, fit and flare or A-line. You can also pick different colors for the top and bottom. The latest trend is to pair a crop top with a skirt, so you have a separate bodice and skirt that comes together while showing off a bit of skin. Two-piece dresses are also a practical option if you are on a tight budget, since there will be several options that work within your given budget.


Author Bio:

Best for Bride is a popular bridal shopping destination in Canada, offering brides and their parties modern dress collections, accessories and a range of wedding day services. Apart from four store locations across the country, this bridal chain also has an online shopping portal, which caters to brides from all over the world. More details about their dress collections and services are available at the Best for Bride website.

For tips on the dress silhouettes that best suit you, read The Perfect Prom Dress to Flatter Your Figure

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Prom Dress Trends for 2018

Sep. 20, 2018

Timeless Mac Duggal

It’s something every woman strives for in fashion — that perfect look.


Whether getting ready for work, primping for a date, dressing down for a casual weekend, or getting gussied up for a formal event, women turn to the pages of fashion blogs and magazines to make sure their look is on the mark.


As the years go by, some of those looks that you faithfully donned over the years can make you cringe. But when glancing in the rearview mirror at the history of modern fashion, the reality is, you are looking at two very different things: The trends of the day, and the classic styles of the fashion narrative.


Trends and Fads
Fashion trends, as the name suggests, are things that come and go. From poodle skirts and bell bottom pants, to tight-rolled jeans and the mullet, what’s “in” right at the moment is essentially a fad.


Trends and fads are fluent. They move with the times. Some last longer than others, and some, thankfully, disappear in time (like that mullet, what were we thinking?). Trends, though, are also essential in the world of fashion.


Trends carve out who we are, what we are, WHERE we are in the world at that moment. While we may have been happy to see the mullet trend end, just SEEING an old school photo of a loved one with that styled coif elicits incredible memories.


Classic Style
Classic style, on the other hand, is enduring.


The Little Black Dress, a string of pearls, a crisp white button-down, a trench coat. All things that pass through the pages of fashion history unscathed. Each item may be touched upon by the prevailing trends of the time — an embellishment here, an accessory there. But the style itself remains timeless, classic, elegant, and pure.


For more than two decades, Mac Duggal has created gorgeous gowns and dresses that weave together the elements of the latest trends and everlasting style.


In 1990, even while the mullet trend continued its reign over the American hairstyle, Mac Duggal’s fashion forward thinking was all about keeping unfading fashion styles as a top priority.


Mac Duggal ~ 1990

gold 1990

The sleek look of this sexy and shimmering gold sequined sheath gown are as appropriate today as they were then. Like many Mac Duggal gowns, this one not only stands the test of time, it’s a testament to Mac Duggal’s vision of prevailing fashion that never goes out of style. Mac Duggal gowns are ageless, and perfect for every woman.

Mac Duggal ~ 2018

67662D Gold formal Dress

The proof lies in the sexy, sophisticated, classic designs of the Mac Duggal Fall 2018 collection, including style 12089R and style 50187R from the Black White Red Collection and style 67662D from the Couture Collection.

So embrace the trends. But remember the style. The Mac Duggal style remains consistently elegant, for the past, present and future.

mac signature endnote banner