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Jan. 7, 2020

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Why I Bought My Prom Dress From a Physical Store

By: Hannah Oliver


Online Shopping– one of my very favorite things to do! You have the whole world at your fingertips! You can shop around on different websites, look at reviews of products, and read up on all of the hot trends. After hitting add to cart then purchasing all of your favorites, your package of goodies can be sitting at your doorstep tomorrow. Online shopping is so great! However, there is just something so magical about going to a prom dress store to try on and select your prom dress.

Ivory Gold Prom Dress
Style 12106M

I purchased my very first formal dress when I was a freshman in high school. My mom and I traveled to The Royal We in Conway, Arkansas because I was dying for a fabulous dress. We knew that this store was a great place to start because a few of my friends recommended the store, and they had a great Instagram page and website.


The owner of the store, Mrs. Laine Berry, happened to be there to help me find a dress, and she was so incredibly helpful! For some reason, I had this funny thing about black dresses- I did NOT want to wear a black dress. After I tried on lots of dresses that my mom and I pulled, I had not fallen in love with a dress yet. Mrs. Laine started pulling dresses that I would not have even thought to try on. I was slightly apprehensive at first, but when I put each one of her suggestions on I realized that they were all so beautiful! That day I ended up walking out of the store with a breathtakingly beautiful gown. Ironically it was a black dress with a sweetheart neckline, fully beaded bodice, and a high leg slit that Mrs. Laine suggested I try on.

25669I- Fuchsia Off The Shoulder Satin Ballgown

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If you are dying for that Say Yes To The Dress: Prom Edition moment, then you should go for the in-store experience! That feeling of putting on your prom dress and knowing it is the one is a feeling like no other.


There are truly some perks for shopping instore for your prom dress. 1. You can find the perfect style and the perfect fit by trying on dresses at an actual retail store. 2. If the dress you fall in love with does not fit perfectly, prom dress retailers usually have a seamstress 3. Prom dress retailers usually keep a running list of style numbers bought for each school’s prom. This ensures that two girls do not show up in the same dress.


We have a few tips for you to think about before you actually enter the prom dress store.




The sales associate at the prom dress retailer can be such a resourceful tool. They are so knowledgeable about the industry and about every single dress that is in their store. Do not pass up trying on a dress because you do not think it looks good on the hanger. That dress might look fabulous on your body. Just like Mrs. Laine helped me find my dream dress, someone can be helpful in you finding your dream dress, too!




Look up all of the latest trends. Figure out which dress silhouette looks best on your body type (Check out The Perfect Prom Dress to Flatter Your Figure). Decide which colors you would like to wear or not like to wear (Check out Pick the Perfect Homecoming Dress- A COLOR GUIDE). Research the stores you want to visit online. Look at their reviews, browse their website, and check out their social media pages. Doing these things can help you find a store near you that is going to have the dresses and the experiences that you are looking for. Here are lists of the best prom dress stores in some cities and states around the United States to get you started:

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Fix your hair and makeup similar to how you would like it to look at prom. When you look at yourself in the dressing room mirror at the store, this can help you envision how you would look on your prom night in your dress. Even just adding a little curl to your hair and some extra eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick can help. Are you planning on getting a spray tan before prom? Maybe even add a little self-tanner to your body a couple of days before you go. However, do not put it on right before you go because 1. it needs time to develop and 2. you do not want to get self-tanner all over the dresses at the store.




Do you have a pair of sparkly earrings and a good pair of classic heels that you love? Bring it all with you! Just like fixing your hair and your makeup, adding earrings and heels to the equation when you are trying on prom dresses can be a helpful tool. Doing these things can help you envision your prom night look. Pro Tip: wear undergarments that are nude or natural skin tone color.




Grab your best friends, put on a super cute outfit, and make a day out of it! Head to the prom dress store in the morning when it is not too busy, find the perfect dress, then go eat lunch together. While you have on your cute outfits along with your hair and makeup done, you and your friends could even take some cute pictures for your Instagram! If you want to buy new shoes or earrings to match your prom dress, your girl gang can then head to the mall or a nearby store to find your prom accessories. Need help choosing the right accessories? Check out: 4 Ways to Choose the Right Jewelry For Prom.




When searching for your prom dress, you might be just like me and think that you do not want to wear a black dress. You never know what it will look like on your body until you try it on! It is good to go into the store with an idea of what you want, but don’t get stuck thinking that is what you have to walk out of the store with. That is the great thing about actually going to a retail store to choose your prom dress! Try on different styles, sizes, and colors to truly find the perfect dress.

25957i- Shimmering Ice Ballgown with Beaded Neckline

Style 25957i

Prom night is one that you will remember forever. Make sure that you love your dress and feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful in it! Going to a physical store to buy your dress can be such a great idea. You know that it fits and that the style and color looks great on your body, you have the help of a knowledgeable sales associate, and you can make a fun day out of it! Browse Mac Duggal’s Prom Collection for some inspiration before you get to shopping, and you can find a list ofMac Duggal Retailers here.


We hope you have the best time at prom and don’t forget to tag @macduggal in your Instagram posts and use #MacDuggal.